The Lunar Eclipse (4/14) The Uranus/Pluto Square (4/21) & Cardinal Grand Cross (4/22)

Why all the buzz about this particular full moon eclipse? This is no ordinary eclipse, not that any eclipse is normal. An eclipse is a super powerful Full or New Moon and this one is in cardinal signs (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra) which impacts the Uranus/Pluto square. And this  5th Uranus/Pluto square is different from the rest; giant Jupiter in Cancer and impulsive Mars in Libra have joined the party (in fact, they’re throwing the party) turning the square into a high-voltage, four planet grand square which peaks April 22-23. But it’s not just one day; it has been going on since December when Jupiter and Mars came on the scene and will continue to unfold until late May. Fasten your seat belts!

At the center of this grand cross is the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. Since 2012 forensic Pluto in conservation Capricorn and rebellious Uranus in fiery Aries have been exposing, demolishing and transforming outworn systems and institutions on the world stage; on a personal level these two mega planets have been pushing us to change and grow. Jupiter’s involvement expands and intensifies the square. Jupiter is about faith; not just positive affirmations but deep conviction and trust. Cancer is the sign associated with home and family; our physical home but also mother earth, the source of all life and nourishment. Our home is under tremendous pressure right now; recent floods and fires have damaged the earth and compromised our food supply. In the chart of the Full Moon Ceres (the Greek Demeter) is conjunct the Libra Moon. In mythology Ceres was the goddess of agriculture. When her daughter Persephone was kidnaped and raped by Pluto she roamed the world in rags refusing to allow anything to grow. What warning is Ceres saying now; what is she saying now? What do we need to heal? How much faith do we have in our earth, country, planet, and people?  Are we taking care of our home, our family, the needs of those close to us and our own needs?

Red-hot Mars adds an edgy intensity to the mix. Mars is the fastest moving planet in this group and acts as a trigger. The god of war is awkward and passive-aggressive in accommodating Libra. What is Mars asking of us? Do we have the courage to be peaceful, to lay down the sword and extend our hand to the people, countries and issues that don’t agree with us? “Mars in retrograde Libra is pushing these issues <of trust and self-trust> to the forefront. We stand at the point of decision. If you’re looking at the world, at your relationship or at yourself and wondering what to do, I would ask: what would it take you to trust?” -Eric Francis  

“Trust yourself in the deep, uncharted waters. When there is a storm it is safer in the open sea. If you stay too close to the dock you will get beaten to death.” Sam Keen

The energy has been building; we’ve seen it in the recent extreme weather, extreme emotions, accidents, and outbreaks of violence. Squares are turning points and we have four! Something has reached a critical point; something is ready to break down, break through, break free or break open. We’re all in this but those of you with planets at the middle degrees of cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) are feeling it more acutely. You are the ones at ground zero, the front lines. It’s not bad just intense. There’s a lot of energy and momentum; how we use it is up to us.

In addition, Pluto turned retrograde on April 14. A planet is especially strong when it slows down to change direction and Pluto is inherently powerful. The heat is on, the stakes are raised, but so is the potential. There is a grand water trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron Pisces) an aspect of grace and good will.

Emotions are high, fuses are short. Don’t take anything personally. Keep things simple. Don’t push, crowd or demand. Right now people and relationships need room to breathe and space to grow. Open your mind and your heart. Connect with what’s real and true and what brings you alive. Above all have faith in this beautiful and broken world of ours, in yourself and everyone else, especially those people you have issues with. Remember, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Call the Midwife!

Something is trying to be born in the world and in us. We are all in labor and our water is about to break! It’s a scary time but a sacred time; a time of ending and powerful beginnings, a time of rebirth and resurrection. If you could heal, transform, release or forgive one person, issue or situation in your life, what would it be? Use the energy of this time to find your voice, speak your truth, or make a difference. Live the best life you can. The water is rough, the current is strong but if you navigate and steer well you can go far. There’s never been a better time than now to break an old habit, limiting pattern, or to manifest your deepest desire.

Here’s an excerpt from astrologer Steven Forrest’s recent newsletter about the grand square. Wise words. “How can you help? Try disarming at home. Try dropping defenses. Try “fighting for peace” in your own little world. Try making community (Jupiter in Cancer) a place f reconciliation (Uranus integrated with Pluto). Be nice to somebody with a bad bumper sticker. Let them go ahead of you in traffic, and smile at them. This is how astrology – and the universe – actually works. As above, so below – as below, so above. Your own consciousness is a force in the larger pattern.”