Sagittarius Full Moon – June 2, 2015

Known as the Meade Moon, Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon

If you want to understand the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity I encourage you to read the book Fifth Business by the brilliant Canadian writer, Robertson Davies – one of my all-time favorite books. The term “Fifth Business” is an old theatrical expression that refers to those “seemingly” minor characters in a play which were neither the hero nor the villain but absolutely essential in moving the story along. I think of Mercury as “Fifth Business;” the cunning trickster who travels seamlessly through various worlds, working behind the scenes to bring people and projects together; the networker, deal maker, matchmaker and magician. In the book, that character is Dunston Ramsay, a modest school teacher in rural Ontario who is the understated but powerful link to everything that unfolds. The Jupiter character is the wealthy and ambitious Boy Staunton, Dunston’s best friend and rival since childhood. Their fate is tied together by another character, a magician and illusionist named Magnus Eisengrim who embodies both Mercury and Jupiter. The book contains these vivid archetypes and a riveting story that has the power to shift the way you view the world and yourself – which is exactly the aim of this scintillating Sagittarius Full Moon.

The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend. –Robertson Davies

A Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon; it is a culmination and fulfillment of whatever was planted at the New Moon. When the Moon is full it is at its brightest, bringing to light what was hidden; it is a dramatic and emotional time. This month the Sun is in intelligent Gemini, the teacher, commentator and journalist. The Moon is in self-confident Sagittarius, the philosopher, preacher, and truth seeker. Mental Gemini represents the literal mind and is concerned with gathering information and data. Expansive Sagittarius rules the higher mind and seeks knowledge. On its own, Gemini can get lost in details. The Archer knows how to dream big but doesn’t always follow through. Working together they become the master storyteller, the writer with both the vision and the discipline, the inspired teacher who not only speaks his or her truth but actually lives it. This Full Moon asks us to examine our words, ideas and beliefs and how they influence our reality. Are we walking our talk; are we living our truth? Years ago I remember the great psychic Vincent Ragone telling me (when I asked him what I should do with my life) to “just be an example.” I didn’t understand it then; I do now.

Why do people all over the world, and at all times, want marvels that defy all verifiable facts? And are the marvels brought into being by their desire or is their desire an assurance rising from some deep knowledge, not to be directly experienced and questioned, that the marvelous is indeed an aspect of the real? –Robertson Davies (Fifth Business)

Both Mercury (currently retrograde) and action-planet Mars are in Gemini conjunct the Sun (and opposite the Moon) turning up the volume on all forms of communication and information and possible breakdowns as well. Neptune, the planet of the invisible and the unseen, in dreamy Pisces makes a demanding square to the Full Moon, Mercury, Mars and a wide square to Saturn, sending a message about balance and healing. The amount of information we take in, deal with and process on a daily basis is staggering and it’s increasing every second. Obviously we aren’t going to eliminate technology but we need to use it responsibly and create pockets of quiet and calm within this digital storm.

We’ve known for some time now that multitasking does not work. People keep doing it because it is emotionally pleasant to multitask even though it’s cognitively damaging. So that makes it parallelized procrastination. — Clay Shirky. (The 7-Day Digital Diet, The New York Times, February 9, 2014)

Compassionate Neptune is the antidote; it teaches us to slow down, go inward and tap into our intuition. This inspirational planet invites us to find creative solutions to our multitasking, overstimulated, hi-tech, texting world. Meditation, music, yoga, nature or taking a spiritual retreat are all helpful and extremely necessary. Like everything else, it’s an ongoing process; never centered, always centering; never balanced, always balancing. “Rest and laughter are the most spiritual and subversive acts of all. Laugh, rest, slow down.” – Anne Lamott

If the angel deigns to come, it will be because you have convinced him, not by tears, but by your humble resolve to be always beginning: to be a beginner. – Rainer Maria Rilke

Mercury will turn direct on June 11 but will remain in its own sign (Gemini) until July 8. In Gemini Mercury has wings and can soar; ideas, plans and projects pick up speed once it moves forward. Mars will stay in Gemini until June 24 adding some fuel to Mercury’s mental fire. Stay open and receptive to new ideas; remain curious, teachable and always a beginner. As Buckminster Fuller said, “You can’t learn less.”

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June. –L. M. Montgomery

We are in one of the most delightful times of the year. Enjoy this lovely, lush season. Flood your senses with beauty and nature. Love yourself, love your life, feel good, and be happy (for no reason). You are worth it!

Love, Virginia