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Astrology has taught me many things, but perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve learned is about the power of timing. We all bloom at a different time; a rose is no less than a daffodil because it blooms later in the season. There is no right or wrong; our life is a journey that is constantly unfolding, not a series of events to be graded. What’s essential is to honor and respect our process and to treat ourselves with exquisite care no matter where we are in that journey or how long it takes. Astrology is a valuable tool that can help us understand our individual timing and how best to fulfill it.

 Current Astrology Happenings

Aquarius Solar Eclipse, Chinese New Year, Magic of February

February doesn’t possess the shiny newness of January with its ambitious goals and big plans nor does it have the promise of March which advertises spring flowers and sunshine. But this private and deeply personal month has cherished gifts for those who are willing to get to know it. Read More

Winter Astrology Cafe 2018 – Cancer Full Moon, Uranus

After the celebrations and festivities, the parties and the presents, this quiet month is like a refuge. January invites us to slow down, recover and most important to come back to ourselves. There is something profoundly private and dignified about this month… Read More

Summer Astrology Cafe 2017 – The Leo Solar Eclipse, the Courage to Shine

An eclipse is a New Moon or Full Moon on steroids; super powerful and highly charged. We all experience the energy of the eclipse but only those of us with a planet or an angle within a couple of degrees of the eclipse will feel its full force. Read More

Spring Astrology Cafe 2017 –The Scorpio Full Moon, Mary’s Month, the Power of Kwan Yin

I love this succulent and lavish month and not simply because I’m a Taurus. During May the earth is busting with new life and vibrant energy. First there are the baby crocuses, fragile yet brave, pushing through the moist earth. Read More


Aries New Moon – March 27, 2017

A New Moon is always a cause for celebration but the one in Aries is extra special. Fiery Aries is the first sign of the zodiac known for its boldness, courage, and confidence. Like the hero or heroine setting off on a quest Aries brings a sense of possibility and adventure. Read More

New Moon Eclipse – Feb. 26, 2017

Thanks to two eclipses and a tribe of planets in aggressive Aries, this month resembles a sleeping dragon or a volcano that has awakened and wants to shake us up and wake us up. Life feels off kilter. Even the weather seems strange and unseasonal. Like the lull before the storm; there is a sense that something is brewing.  Read Full Post

The Cancer Full Moon, The Cherokee call this the Snow Goose Full Moon. It is also known as the Old Moon, Wolf Moon. Look outside tonight and you will see a frosty winter Moon glowing in an inky blue-black sky. According to the Cherokee this is the Snow Goose Full Moon and it initiates a time of creative expression and tangible blessings to those who align with its energy. Read More

A New Moon is always a new beginning, yet this is the last one of 2016 so it contains both an ending and a beginning, both past and future. The sign Capricorn is associated with age, maturity and wisdom; a New Moon is young, naïve… Read More


midlife_by-virginia-bell_thumbnailNEW BOOK: Midlife Is Not a Crisis combines astrology, inspiration, and wisdom about aging to empower people to live more fully in the second half of life. It is based on the generational life cycles we all share at certain ages, from the Saturn Return at 29 and Midlife, which peaks at 42, all the way to the Uranus Return at 84. These cycles are the great crossroads of life, and each cycle is a journey in itself. Read More

june-berries-sqEvery month we are blessed with a New Moon, another beginning, a fresh start. This month the Sun and Moon, as well as beautiful Venus, are in the sign of information, communication, language and learning. Gemini is ruled by that trickster Mercury, the Greek Hermes; the magician, inventor, patron of merchants… Read More


February is a subtle and secret month; it doesn’t possess the lushness of August or the magic of May or June. It is wedged between January, all shiny and new, and March which no matter how increment the weather holds the promise of spring. But February is unassuming; as solitary as the red fox as he makes his way across the frozen landscape; as fleeting as the hawk against the winter sky. Read More

Capricorn New Moon – January 9-10, 2016

Capricorn is not simply about a day job; it’s about having a calling; doing something in the outer world that expresses who you are inside. Are you doing the work you were born to do? Are you on the right path? If not, is there some action you could take that would move you closer to it? Or is there something you need to let go of first? Read More

Gemini Full Moon – November 25, 2015

chess-art_smThe Sun is in exuberant and colorful Sagittarius; the gypsy, the truth-seeker, and the pilgrim.  The Moon is in mental Gemini, the student, teacher and messenger. The Archer is the philosopher who is on a quest for meaning; this sign sees the big picture and asks deep questions. The Twins represent the journalist and the broadcaster; the one who gathers and distills the information, then shares it with the world. Read More

Fall Astrology Café – October 2015

Halloween_Tarus-Full-Moon-smIt is autumn here in the far north; the rich colors of summer, the vibrant reds and lush greens are slowly turning crimson, rust and gold; birds and butterflies migrate south and stacks of wood appear on porches. The air is fragrant with the scent of apples and wet leaves; smoke rises up from the chimneys and disappears against the evening sky streaked with apricot, and mauve. The air is crisper now with a hint of coldness, yet during the day the sun is still strong, the last remaining evidence of the dream that was summer. Read More

Fall Equinox, Mabon, Aries Full Moon Eclipse 9/23/15

Full-Moon-Love-smThe Fall Equinox coincides with the solar festival of Mabon. Mabon marks the transition from light to the dark half of the year and celebrates the harvest. In ancient cultures it was the time to store food for the coming winter; today the harvest is symbolic as we focus on the fruits of our inner labors. What aspects of your life do you want to preserve and what parts do you need to discard? Mabon teaches us about letting go. Read More

Virgo New Moon Eclipse Sept. 12-13, 2015

Madonna-Like-a-Virgin-sm A solar eclipse is a super charged New Moon, extra potent and powerful. You can sense it in the air; if feels electrifying like right before a storm or during Mardi Gras; the energy is wild and anything can happen. The word, “eclipse” comes from the Greek and means “to cease existing.” Eclipses bring major endings and beginnings; they wake us up and shake us up and move us quickly from one level to another. Read More

Astrology Café Summer 2015

Summer-Toes_smHow different late July and August is from early summer when the air is not yet overly hot or heavy and the season is new and tender as a promise. Late summer everything is slower and steamier, a reminder that we need to relax our pace, rest and make time for pleasure. Our needs become simpler; a shady nook (preferably with a hammock)… Read More

 Cancer New Moon – July 15-16, 2015

Cancer is a water sign motivated by emotion rather than logic. Ruled by the Moon this sign is intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, romantic and domestic. That doesn’t mean Cancers aren’t driven or ambitious; born when the Sun is strongest, this sign possesses an understated power that runs deep; they move at their own speed, feeling their way through things. Read More

Gemini New Moon – June 16, 2015

Isn’t it wonderful how every month we get a New Moon, a fresh start, another new beginning, a different perspective? This New Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury; both sign and planet are associated with communication, information, language, learning, teaching, technology and travel. Read More

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 2, 2015
Known as the Meade Moon, Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon

mind-moon-sqIf you want to understand the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity I encourage you to read the book Fifth Business by the brilliant Canadian writer, Robertson Davies – one of my all-time favorite books. The term “Fifth Business” is an old theatrical expression that refers to those “seemingly” minor characters in a play which were neither the hero nor the villain but absolutely essential in moving the story along. Read More

Taurus New Moon May 17-18, 2015

Chocolate-roseApril’s promise is fulfilled in May! The air is scented with the fragrance of new grass, spring rain and fresh flowers; peonies, lilies and the heady perfume of lilacs and hyacinth. Everywhere you look is a painting to rival Matisse or Renoir; flowering pear trees with their pillowy white petals, extravagant cherry blossoms trees in full bloom, lavish gardens and parks with their lush green lawns and the evening sky splashed with mauve, crimson and sapphire blue. May is the dessert of months! Read More

Astrology Café – Spring 2015

Butterflies_sqApril celebrates Easter, the resurrection and the life of Jesus, but May belongs to Mary. There are several festivals during this lavish month devoted to the feminine: Beltane (May 1) is the Celtic festival of fertility; Mother’s Day takes place on the second Sunday of the month (May 10); and finally The Feast of Mary on May 31. In fact May was named for the Mother Goddess, Maia or Maya; in Northern Europe she was called Maj or Mai, the maiden. Both mother and matter come from the same Sanskrit root – maat. During May we have an opportunity to honor the sacred feminine, deepen our connection to Mother Earth and get in touch with our own bodies as well. Read More

Aries New Moon – April 18, 2015

Risk-takingA New Moon is always a fresh start and audacious Aries is the first sign of the zodiac; it represents pure courage and confidence; it is the hero going into battle with no thoughts of failure. This particular New Moon takes place in late Aries plus red-hot Mars (the ruler of Aries) is in leisurely Taurus; what it lacks in speed it makes up in endurance. Read More

The Libra Full Moon Eclipse – April 4, 2015
Easter Moon, Blood Moon, Pink Moon

SpringMoonThe Sun is in independent Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and like the baby crocuses pushing through the hard earth, this ambitious sign represents self-assertion, courage and creativity. The Moon is in diplomatic Libra, the sign of the artist and the lover; its aim is to create harmony, balance and cooperation. Ruled by Mars, Aires is the lone wolf; Venus ruled Libra is associated with marriage and partnership. The Aries/Libra axis emphasizes relationships and the ongoing dance of how to honor those closest to us and still remain true to ourselves. read full post

The Uranus Pluto Square, Pisces New Moon Eclipse, and Vernal Equinox!

New-Moon-Eclipse_sqEclipses open portals from the great above; these doorways are opportunities to consciously tap into what is buried within us and have the ability to accelerate the process of deep change. At the time of the eclipse normal life can feel suspended and there is a sense of something fated. From this chaos, a new world, a new self or fresh vision can occur. This is no ordinary eclipse; it takes place at 29 Pisces; the last degree of the last sign, and the end of the zodiac. It is a potent degree that suggests major endings and beginnings.  read full post

Second Aquarian New Moon, Chinese New Year,
Another New Beginning

sheep_squareLast month’s New Moon (on January 20) took place in the very first degree of Aquarius, the sign of the rebel, the eccentric, the outlaw and the genius. On February 18 we have a second Aquarius New Moon; this one is in the last degree and last minute of the sign; in fact, two minutes later the Sun and Moon move into Pisces. Sometimes referred to as a Black Moon, this is an uncommon occurrence. Wiccans believe these Moons are especially potent for rituals and spells. more

The Leo Full Moon, Candlemas and the Magic of February

new-moon-window-image-sqFebruary has a disagreeable reputation, especially here in the North East where it is often cold, wet and extremely windy. Many people flee to warmer climates or stoically endure. Personally, I love the dark, winter days and long nights; I revel in the quiet and the calm that comes with gently falling snow and the opportunity to turn inward. It is a time for deep thoughts, great novels, rich conversations, for planting seeds and small pleasures.  more


Aquarius New Moon – Jan. 20, 2015

Are you asleep; is there an area in your life where you are drifting, dozing or making do? This energizing and confident New Moon has the ability to shake us up, wake us up and set us off on a brand new path…more

 Winter Astrology Café – January 2015

17508977_sThere is a quality of stillness and serenity to January. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays life begins to settle down; the cold, crisp days and long nights draw us back to home and hearth. Outside the icy ground is covered with a thick layer of snow and very little stirs, but inside there is a roaring fire, hearty food and those deep thoughts…more

Capricorn New Moon – Dec. 21-22, 2014

Winter-Solstice-squareThe sign Capricorn is associated with ambition, responsibility, and hard work. But the mountain goat (the symbol of Capricorn) does not scale the lofty peaks simply for fame and fortune; it’s always about finding the right mountain, the real work. The goal of Capricorn is to discover something in the external world that expresses who we are inside; it’s about finding our calling, our mission… Read More

Sagittarius New Moon – Nov. 22, 2014

siberian-train-thumbnailThe Sun and Moon are in colorful and risk-taking Sagittarius, the sign of the gypsy, the pilgrim and the philosopher. The archer may not know the meaning of life but he or she knows life has a meaning and is on a quest to find it. Ruled by expansive Jupiter, this adventurous sign will travel far in search of new frontiers… Read More

Taurus Full Moon–Nov. 6, 2014

Persephone-sq In mythology Persephone didn’t transform by remaining in the garden picking flowers; it was in the underworld that she found her power and became whole. Ultimately she returned to the topside world for part of the year; the rest of the time she remained below with Pluto. Like Persephone, we need to be able to navigate both realms, weaving gold thread through old wounds; making peace with loss…Read More

Fall Astrology Cafe –October 2014

Autumn-Leaves_sqScorpio New Moon Eclipse, Halloween, Season of the Crone
Here in the far north the air is crisp but soft, scented with the fragrance of apples and wet leaves, yet the sun is still strong during the day – what delicious combination. The trees have turned gold, crimson, and rust; the sky is streaked with layers of mauve … Read More

Libra New Moon – Sept. 23-24, 2014

The Sun and Moon are in the sign of love, beauty and balance. Venus ruled Libra is associated with the artist, lover, and diplomat. This peaceful sign represents harmony; harmony between colors is art, between sounds is music, between people is love. A New Moon marks the time for is a new beginning; Read More

Pisces Full Moon- Sept. 8-9, 2014

This is another Super Moon, the fifth and final one this year. A Super Moon is when the Moon is closest to the earth, bigger and stronger than usual. These powerful Moons generate greater gravitational pull on the earth’s tides and on our own emotions as well, creating potential shifts in consciousness. Read More

Virgo New Moon – Aug. 25, 2014

The sign Virgo is greatly misunderstood. Virgo has long been associated with the word “virgin” but the word, like the sign itself, is complex. It is not the virgin who is chaste or inexperienced. A virgin in the ancient, original sense means whole-unto-herself. Read More

Summer Astrology Café 2014

No matter how busy you are or what demands you have, no matter where you are (at the beach or in a board meeting) summer’s presence is as pervasive and powerful as the sun itself. It pulls, it beckons, and seduces. Who can ignore the farmer’s markets and road side stands with their bushels of ripe corn, giant zucchinis and sweet melons, juicy peaches, and bouquets of fragrant basil? In August everything is bigger, brighter, stronger, and sweeter. Read More.

Leo New Moon – July 26, 2014

A New Moon is a new beginning, a fresh start and this month it is in colorful Leo, the sign of the performer, artist, the lion and the king. Leo is more than an artist or an entertainer; “It is not really about creating something other people can applaud. More profoundly, it seems to describe the development of unique individual essence and its quest for its source,” Liz Greene writes in The Astrology of Fate. At the very heart of Leo is the search for the Self and journey of actualizing it. Read More

Capricorn Full Moon – July 12, 2014

This Full Moon is called the Buck Moon since July is normally the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It is also called Full Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are most frequent during this time. Both Cancer and Capricorn have to do with security; nurturing Cancer (the sign that rules home, family, and emotional needs) focuses on inner security while Capricorn (associated with ambition, power, and achievement) rules the external manifestation of security. Read More

Cancer New Moon June 27, 2014

The sign Cancer arrives late June through July, a time of year when summer is brand new and still fresh; the days are long and lush, the air soft and fragrant and the earth is pulsing with new life. June is a generous month; school is out, camp begins, and vacations are planned. There are roses and peonies, strawberries and cream, swimming and softball; life slows down, spirits are high and summer seems endless. It is around twilight, the most elegant time of the day, when day and night merge like two rivers and the stillness itself become a song.… Read More

Thoughts on Mars interacting with Pluto & Uranus

In my twenties I spent a few years in Reichian therapy (a body-based psychotherapy based on the work of Wilhelm Reich) with an analyst who tried to help me release the anger I had for my father. I spent hundreds of hours beating a tennis racket on a bed and screaming to no avail. I knew the anger was there but it was buried very deeply. It would take “the jaws of life” to exhume it. Which is exactly what happened when I took the EST training (Erhard Seminar Training) a self-help seminar popular in the seventies. Read More

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 12-13 Known as the Mead Moon, Honey Moon, Full Strawberry Moon

The Sun is in mental Gemini the journalist and the teacher; the Moon is in optimistic Sagittarius, the philosopher and the preacher. Brainy Gemini represents the literal mind and is concerned with gathering and sharing information. The archer rules the higher mind and seeks to interpret and process knowledge. Gemini can get lost in the details; Sadge can vanish in the clouds. When working in harmony these two signs blend the mind with imagination to create a kind of alchemy. This Full Moon invites us to examine our thinking and our beliefs and look at how they influence our reality. Read More

Gemini New Moon — May 28

plant-a-Seed A New Moon is a brand new beginning; one cycles ends and another commences. You plant a seed in the dark, moist earth and then you wait. You don’t know what will unfold at this part of the journey; it’s too early. The Moon eclipses the Sun; you must trust your heart; you need a big dose of faith at the New Moon. “Faith is the little bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.”  Read More 

Spring Astrology Cafe — May 2014

April celebrates Easter, the resurrection, and the life of Jesus, but May belongs to Mary. During May there are several holidays devoted to the sacred feminine: May Day and Beltane (May 1) is the Celtic festival of fertility; Mother’s Day (May 11); and finally The Feast of Mary on May 31. In fact, May was named for the Mother Goddess, Maia or May; in Northern Europe she was called Maj or Mai, the maiden. Both mother and matter come from the same Sanskrit root —maat. The three most important Full Moons take place during Spring. During spring the creative energy pours forth from the challis of the Moon and a doorway opens bringing fresh awareness. Once again we have the ability to move to a new level of consciousness; once again we have an opportunity to reaffirm our soul’s journey. The Easter Full Moon eclipse (April 15) is called the Resurrection Festival or the Festival of Shamballa. The creative energy reaches its highest potential and it is the beginning of a new cycle of creation. The Buddha Full Moon or Wesak Moon (May 14) is called the Buddha-Wesak Festival. It is said that Buddha was born, died and received enlightenment on the Full Moon in Scorpio and many consider this the highest spiritual day of the year. Each year this great being returns at this time to help humanity toward enlightenment. It is an opportunity for us to get in touch with our own Buddha nature. The Sagittarius Full Moon (on June 12-13) is called the Christ-Goodwill Festival or the Festival of Humanity, the World Day of Invocation and provides an opportunity to unite the human family. The divine energy received at the Wesak Festival is released and anchored within the human consciousness. Read Full Article

The Taurus Solar Eclipse – April 28-29, 2014

A solar eclipse is a super powerful New Moon, a time of major endings and beginnings. Sun and Moon are in earthy, sensual Taurus; the sign that celebrates our bodies, mother earth and our relationship to the physical world. Intellectual Mercury, in Taurus, is conjunct the New Moon, making a supportive trine to transformational Pluto in Capricorn encouraging us to find new ways of working with nature. Venus, the goddess of love and ruler of Taurus, is currently in inspirational Pisces the sign of divine love and compassion. What we need right now, she seems to be saying, is radical…Read More

Lunar Eclipse (4/14) The Uranus/Pluto Square (4/21) & Cardinal Grand Cross (4/22)

Why all the buzz about this particular full moon eclipse? This is no ordinary eclipse, not that any eclipse is normal. An eclipse is a super powerful Full or New Moon and this one is in cardinal signs (Sun in Aries, Moon in Libra) which impacts the Uranus/Pluto square. And this  5th Uranus/Pluto square is different from the rest; giant Jupiter in Cancer and impulsive Mars in Libra have joined the party (in fact, they’re throwing the party) turning the square into a high-voltage, four planet grand square which peaks April 22-23. But it’s not just one day; Read More

Aries New Moon–March 30, 2014

Every New Moon is a new beginning, a fresh start but the New Moon in Aries, the sign that heralds the start of the astrological year, holds extraordinary promise and potential. Aries arrives with the spring rains and like the baby crocuses pushing through the cold, hard earth, this passionate sign is about action, energy, and bold moves. Whatever vision has been developing during these long winter months is now ready to burst forth. Not “ready, aim, fire” the Ram’s motto is “ready, fire, aim! Read More

Virgo Full Moon – March 16, 2014

Earthy Virgo rules the world of matter and material things. Dreamy Pisces is associated with invisible world of the imagination and inspiration. Virgo’s gifts include logic and analysis; Pisces sees beyond the five senses. While we use analytical reason (Virgo) to comprehend the physical world; we use intuition (Pisces) to explore the nonphysical realms. To become complete human beings, we need to balance both functions. This Full Moon gives us the faith to dream and the self-discipline to make those dreams real. Read full post

 The Pisces New Moon – February 28-March 1, 2014

The Sun and Moon are in the dreamy Pisces, the sign that governs the invisible and unseen realms. Ruled by Neptune, god of the ocean, Pisces is fluid, open, porous, deeply intuitive and highly creative. For Pisces the inner world of the imagination and dreams is often more real than the external world of material things. Spiritual Neptune and healing Chiron join the Sun and Moon amplifying Pisces’ boundless energy. Boundaries disappear, consciousness expands, and new visions take root.  Read Full Post

Leo Full Moon – February 14, 2014

This Full Moon is the culmination of Chinese New Year (which took place two weeks ago at the New Moon) and is called the Festival of Lanterns. Lanterns painted with birds, flowers and signs of the zodiac are hung in the temples and carried in a parade under the light of the Full Moon. This is also called the Quickening Moon or the Full Snow Moon. To the Blackfoot tribe it is the Rest and Cleansing Moon.  Read Full Post

Winter Astrology Café – 2014 The Aquarius New Moon, Chinese New Year, Candlemas

HorseDeep winter is a subtle and secret time; it possesses none of the dazzling colors of fall, the bounty and beauty of spring, nor the lushness of summer. This time of year has its own magic but it doesn’t advertise or give itself easily; it requires patience, stamina, and a profound faith. It invites us to slow down, go within and find solace in the frozen landscapes and long nights. In return it offers us a refuge from this hectic world and allows us to prepare for the new life that is even now beginning to stir. Read Full Post

Capricorn New Moon – January 1, 2014