Virgo Full Moon – March 16, 2014

“Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons of life do not last. The spring rains will come again.”   –Sarah Ban Breathnach (Simple Abundance)

As temperature rises and the ground begins to thaw earthworm casts appear, heralding the return of the robins, which is why this is called the Full Worm Moon. The more northern tribes knew this Moon as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signaled the end of winter, or the Full Crust Moon, because the snow cover becomes crusted from the thawing by day and freezing at night. It is also Full Sap Moon, Lenten Moon, Storm Moon and the Moon of Intention. It is considered the last Full Moon of winter.

Water and earth, intellect and intuition, physical and metaphysical. Earthy Virgo rules the world of matter and material things. Dreamy Pisces is associated with invisible world of the imagination and inspiration. Virgo’s gifts include logic and analysis; Pisces sees beyond the five senses. While we use analytical reason (Virgo) to comprehend the physical world; we use intuition (Pisces) to explore the nonphysical realms. To become complete human beings, we need to balance both functions. Psychologist Frances Vaughan, author of Awakening Intuition writes, “If we were only intuitive, we’re likely to be dreamers. If we’re only rational, we may find life to be disillusioning and dispiriting. But if we combine both faculties within ourselves, we can live as effective visionaries in the world.” This Full Moon gives us the faith to dream and the self-discipline to make those dreams real.

At 26 degrees of Pisces and Virgo this Full Moon squares the Galactic Center, the center of the Milky Way. “Any alignment with the Galactic Center provides tremendous energetic support for releasing old beliefs and realizing out destiny” -Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac; we have come full circle. Both Pisces and Virgo are associated with healing; the word healing means “to make whole.”

March 20 is spring equinox; the Sun enters Aries and a new solar year begins. Now is the time to release whatever is holding you back or standing in your way. As Idina Menzel sings (in Disney’s film Frozen), “Let it go, let it go.”

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight,
not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen.
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside.
Couldn’t keep it in, Heaven knows I tried.
Don’t let them in, don’t let them see.
Be the good girl you always have to be.
Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.
Well, now they know!

Let it go, let it go!
Can’t hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go!
Turn away and slam the door.
I don’t care what they’re going to say.
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway.

It’s funny how some distance,
makes everything seem small.
And the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all
It’s time to see what I can do,
to test the limits and break through.
No right, no wrong, no rules for me.
I’m free!

Let it go, let it go.
I am one with the wind and sky.
Let it go, let it go.
You’ll never see me cry.
Here I’ll stand, and here I’ll stay.
Let the storm rage on.

My power flurries through the air into the ground.
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I’m never going back; the past is in the past!

Let it go, let it go.
And I’ll rise like the break of dawn.
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand, in the light of day.

Let the storm rage on!
The cold never bothered me anyway…