Taurus Full Moon, Nov. 6, 2014

Hunter’s Moon, Beaver Moon, Frosty Moon

Mysterious and magnetic Scorpio thrives on chaos; laid-backed Taurus seeks calm. Scorpio loves to explore the hidden and taboo; practical Taurus prefers the comfort and security of the physical realm. Too much Scorpio intensity wears us down; too much Taurus indulgence slows us down. In mythology Persephone didn’t transform by remaining in the garden picking flowers; it was in the underworld that she found her power and became whole. Ultimately she returned to the topside world for part of the year; the rest of the time she remained below with Pluto. Like Persephone we need to be able to navigate both realms, weaving gold thread through old wounds; making peace with loss, learning to become cozy in the chaos.

Venus is especially strong in the chart of the Full Moon; she is still travelling close to the Scorpio Sun and opposite the Moon in Taurus which she rules. The goddess of love baths this lunation in her feminine power, awakening passion, pleasure and romance. Sensual Taurus rules the body; listen to your bones, nourish your senses, celebrate those things and people that bring you alive, get carried away. “Listen, whatever it is you try to do with your life, nothing will ever dazzle you like the drams of your body.” –Mary Oliver

“Every part of our personality that we do not love will become hostile to us.” –Robert Bly

Venus is approaching a conjunction with tough love Saturn (exact on November 12), suggesting that the time has come to extend our love and compassion to those qualities within us that we have rejected; the dark, feared and messy side of our personality. Saturn is coming to the end of its journey through intense Scorpio; it will enter Sagittarius on December 23. Who hasn’t been struggling (Saturn) with deep Scorpio issues these last two years? Who hasn’t been touched by some loss, challenge or heart break? Sometimes it’s hardest right before the transformation takes place (just ask the butterfly). Sometimes, like Julia Cameron writes in the Artist’s Way, “Going sane feels just like going crazy.” Saturn is demanding; we may have to go deeper, look harder, and reveal more of ourselves. Stay with the process. Do the deep work. Chiron is making a healing trine to the Sun right now, implying that it is possible to transform our deepest wounds into our most sacred medicine. “The gifts are near the wounds. In order to get to the gifts you have to go near the wounds. Our genius is hiding behind our wounds.” – Michael Mead

“There isn’t a fixed date for Indian Summer. It comes in the fall, and that’s about as close as anyone can come. Sometimes it comes in October, sometimes November; sometimes it waits for the first hard frost – the black frost, as some would call it – and sometimes it just appears over the hilltop and settles down while October is young and innocent. True, there are partisans who will insist that Indian Summer never can come early; but even they can’t set an arbitrary date. It isn’t a calendar season. It makes its own rules.” –Hal Borland

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