When fishermen can’t go out to sea they mend their nets.

FishermanNetMercury goes retrograde (appearing to reverse its course) three or four times a year. Mercury is the planet of mental activity and language; it rules all forms of communication, information, and learning. During the retrograde period, communications can break down and typically problems arise with computers, faxes, and phones. Don’t be surprised if plans change suddenly and things get misplaced or disappear. Mercury also rules ground travel so when making plans, allow for delays and schedule in extra time.

It is not a good time to initiate important projects, sign contracts or make major purchases (especially homes, cars and computers). It is best to take care of old business and get your “ducks in a row.” Keep in mind the prefix “re” – rethink, review, rewrite and revisit. Think of this time as a period of redirection.

A great way to use the Mercury retrograde period is to let go of what you no longer need: clutter, old clothes, old projects, even relationships that no longer serve you. Although it is best not to buy new things it is excellent for finding old items, either at thrift stores or flea markets. It is also the perfect time to take care of the tasks and chores you have been putting off.

Mercury retrograde periods teaches us about the power of timing and the wisdom of waiting. As Buddha said, “Those who cannot wait cannot win.” It is valuable time that allows us to polish and perfect rather than forge ahead. So, use patience, be flexible, go with the flow, and enjoy the down time. And don’t forget to back-up your computer!