Thoughts on Mars with Pluto & Uranus

Some thoughts on Mars interacting with Pluto & Uranus

In my twenties I spent a few years in Reichian therapy (a body-based psychotherapy based on the work of Wilhelm Reich) with an analyst who tried to help me release the anger I had for my father. I spent hundreds of hours beating a tennis racket on a bed and screaming to no avail. I knew the anger was there but it was buried very deeply. It would take “the jaws of life” to exhume it. Which is exactly what happened when I took the EST training (Erhard Seminar Training) a self-help seminar popular in the seventies. It was known for its strict rules (few bathroom breaks) and the scary trainers; some of them were former Green Berets who could make you wet yourself just by saying hello. There was something called the Truth Process that was designed to put you in touch with your core issue. I went through it and at the end released a flood of rage which was positively cathartic and made a huge difference in my life. My therapist had marinated me but EST did the cooking.

Mars has re-entered the Uranus/Pluto square: Today (June 14) pushy Mars made a square to controlling Pluto. On June 25 it makes an opposition to rebellious Uranus. The next two weeks are not bad but they are intense; extreme weather, extreme emotions, short fuses, and power struggles. On the other hand it’s a great aspect for doing some kind of Truth Process; dealing with your issues honestly and responsibly. You can be in therapy (or recovery, a relationship, a job, etc.) for ages before you finally make the connection between your unconscious and your conscious. This aspect is like a mini-workshop; it’s an opportunity to break through old patterns and limiting beliefs, to deepen a relationship or finally release it, to recognize your shadow, to call back your soul. Like any recovery work it is painful, humbling and potentially life changing. Or as we used to say in est, “I used to be different but now I’m the same.”