Libra New Moon Sept. 23-24

The Sun and Moon are in the sign of love, beauty and balance. Venus ruled Libra is associated with the artist, lover, and diplomat. This peaceful sign represents harmony; harmony between colors is art, between sounds is music, between people is love. A New Moon marks the time for is a new beginning; we plant a seed, set something in motion and watch it flower at the Full Moon two weeks later. Where in your life do you need more love, kindness, sweetness, and stability? Who or what do you need to forgive or make peace with? This is the perfect time to begin that process.

Pluto turns direct on September 22. Whenever a planet changes direction it slows down, therefore its presence and power is felt more strongly, especially if you have a planet (or an angle) at that degree; in this case 10-13 Capricorn. The mythic god of the underworld and planet of transformation went retrograde on April 14. For five months our energy (to some degree) has been focused inward. Pluto is always an invitation to look deeply and honestly at what scares us. We can’t change something unless we’re aware of it; Pluto makes us aware. This intense planet isn’t easy but ultimately it’s about healing. What have you been dealing with? The tide is turning, new energy is coming; it’s time to move forward in some area of your life.

Fall Equinox, Mabon, the Sun enters Libra – September 22

The old Norsemen viewed the equinox as a time when all things were in balance for one brief moment, including the forces of good or evil. Like the Jews, they also believed one’s fate for the coming year was sealed at this time, and the Norse often spent the day and night just prior to the equinox in fasting, prayer and asking for forgiveness. —Edain McCoy (Llewellyn’s The Witches Calendar, 2003

The Fall Equinox coincides with the solar festival of Mabon, also known as the Celtic Festival of the Vine. Mabon marks the transition from light to the dark half of the year and celebrates the harvest. In ancient cultures it was the time to store food for the coming winter; today the harvest is symbolic as we focus on the fruits of our inner labors. What aspects of your life do you want to preserve and what parts do you need to discard? Mabon also teaches us about letting go. As summer fades and flowers go to seed, we release our efforts of the past year, our successes as well as those projects and plans that didn’t manifest. Symbolically, we separate the wheat from the chaff.

Since ancient times, September has been viewed as the beginning of the spiritual New Year by several diverse cultures. Jews observe the High Holy Days: Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins at sundown on September 24. Ten days later, the year’s transgressions are forgiven on Yom Kippur (the evening of October 3), the Day of Atonement (at one ment). It is the most solemn and sanctified festival of the Jewish calendar; a day of sacred withdrawal from the world in order to become right with God and others.

Nuwatiegwa, “The Great New Moon Ceremony,” is the Cherokee New Year Celebration, when the world is recreated. The Chinese celebrate the Nine North Star Spirits Coming to Earth during the nine nights following the New Moon. The Hindu welcomes Kali into their homes now to consume the past year’s discord. Whatever our religion or spiritual beliefs, we can all benefit from a period of reflection and this season invites us to take time to go inward to release, atone, and realign with what’s truly important. “The most valuable thing we can do for the psyche, occasionally, is to let it rest, wander, live in the light of the changing room, not try to do anything whatever.”—May Sarton

For me this time of year always feels like the true New Year. January 1 is flamboyant and flashy, filled with expectation and big plans but September is quieter and more authentic, our resolutions more private. “The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows we’re making them. Autumnal resolutions don’t require horns, confetti, or champagne. September resolutions ask only that you be open to positive change”. —Sarah Ban Breathnach (Simple Abundance)

September 30 is Rumi’s Birthday: The great Sufi poet and mystic, Jelaluddin Rumi, was born on September 30, 1207. Rumi, the most widely read poet in the world, is known as the poet of love so it makes perfect sense that he would be a Libra. “Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down the dulcimer. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” —Rumi