Aries New Moon

The Aries New Moon – March 27, 2017 A New Moon is always a cause for celebration but the one in Aries is extra special. Fiery Aries is the first sign of the zodiac known for its boldness, courage, and confidence. Like the hero or heroine setting off on a quest Aries brings a sense of possibility and adventure. Even … Read More

New Moon Eclipse

The Magic and Mystery of February, Eclipse Season, Venus Retrograde February is traditionally a quiet month and contemplative month. It has none of the glamour of January which makes a bold statement with champagne, fireworks and fresh starts. Nor does it have the reputation of March which, no matter how miserable the weather, holds the promise of spring. February’s gifts … Read More

Astrology Cafe Winter 2017

“There is a season for wildness and a season for settledness, and this is neither. This is a season about becoming.”  -Shauna Niequist December is jam-packed with holiday preparations and parties, followed by the excitement and anticipation of New Year’s Eve. But the month of January unfolds quietly; still new, timid, the year in embryo, filled with both uncertainty and … Read More

Capricorn New Moon – Dec. 28, 2016

Winter is a season of recovery and preparation. –Paul Theroux A New Moon is always a new beginning, yet this is the last one of 2016 so it contains both an ending and a beginning, both past and future. The sign Capricorn is associated with age, maturity and wisdom; a New Moon is young, naïve, filled with potential. The challenge … Read More

Virginia’s New Book!

It goes to show, it is never too late! My new book, MIDLIFE IS NOT A CRISIS is now available for pre-order on Amazon! Midlife Is Not a Crisis combines astrology, inspiration, and wisdom about aging to empower people to live more fully in the second half of life. It is based on the generational life cycles we all share … Read More

Fall Astrology Café 2016

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. – L. M. Montgomery Once again we are in that magical in-between season; the sweetness of summer lingers on with its sunny days and gentle breezes while autumn tugs at us with its cool nights, the intoxicating scent of ripe apples, and the sight of hillsides splashed with … Read More

Gemini New Moon – June 4-5, 2016

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June. – L. M. Montgomery June is such a gentle month; the world is garden-fresh and green, free from the dense heat of late summer or the constant rains of early spring. The air is soft and sweet, filled with the scent of lush … Read More

The Magic of February, The Aquarius New Moon, Chinese New Year 2016

China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires and bowls of violets – this is my mental picture of an agreeable February afternoon. –Constance Spry February is a subtle and secret month; it doesn’t possess the lushness of August or the magic of May or June. It is wedged between January, all shiny and new, and March which no matter … Read More

Capricorn New Moon – Jan. 9-10, 2016

And now let us welcome the New Year Full of things that have never been. –Rainer Maria Rilke A New Moon is always a new beginning, a starting place, a commencement and this being the first one of the year it feels particularly significant. Ambitious Capricorn wants to manifest something concrete and tangible in the world; to bring forth a … Read More

Astrology Café–Dec., 2015

December’s gifts – customs, ceremony, celebrations, consecrations – come to us wrapped up not in tissue paper and ribbons, but in cherished memories. This is the month of miracles; the oil that burns for eight days, the royal son born in a stable, the inexplicable return of the Light on the longest, darkest day of the year. Where there is … Read More

Gemini Full Moon, Saturn-Neptune Square

Gemini Full Moon Nov. 25, 2015, Saturn-Neptune Square, Breaking the Trance Outside, silvery gray shafts reveal a familiar landscape stripped of pretense. Behind closed doors, glowing amber fires shed light upon the Real. Like a woman who has found her authenticity, November’s beauty radiates from within. -Sarah Ban Breathnach (Simple Abundance) The Gemini Full Moon – November 25, 2015 The … Read More

Fall Astrology Café Oct 2015

I’ve been younger in October than in all the months of spring. –W. S. Merwin. It is autumn here in the far north; the rich colors of summer, the vibrant reds and lush greens are slowly turning crimson, rust and gold; birds and butterflies migrate south and stacks of wood appear on porches. The air is fragrant with the scent … Read More

Fall Equinox, Mabon, Aries Full Moon Eclipse

September, the harvest month…Summer is over and autumn has arrived. –Cynthia Wickham The old Norsemen viewed the equinox as a time when all things were in balance for one brief moment, including the forces of good or evil. Like the Jews, they also believed one’s fate for the coming year was sealed at this time, and the Norse often spent … Read More

Virgo New Moon Eclipse – Sept. 12-13

We are in that magical time between the seasons, a dreamy and melancholy place. For a few brief weeks we have the best of both summer and fall; the sweetness of summer lingers on as we try and experience every pleasure; the last swim or tennis game of the season, the sweet, juicy peaches or ripe tomatoes with fresh basil, … Read More

Astrology Café Summer 2015

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. — Ira Gershwin How different late July and August is from early summer when the air is not yet overly hot or heavy and the season is new and tender as a promise. Late summer everything is slower and steamier, a reminder that we need to relax our pace, rest and make time for … Read More

Cancer New Moon – July 15-16, 2015

Cancer is a water sign motivated by emotion rather than logic. Ruled by the Moon this sign is intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, romantic and domestic. That doesn’t mean Cancers aren’t driven or ambitious; born when the Sun is strongest, this sign possesses an understated power that runs deep; they move at their own speed, feeling their way through things. Cancer is … Read More

Gemini New Moon – June 16, 2015

Broken and broken again on the sea the moon so easily mends. –Chosu Isn’t it wonderful how every month we get a New Moon, a fresh start, another new beginning, a different perspective? This New Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury; both sign and planet are associated with communication, information, language, learning, teaching, technology and travel. In mythology, Mercury … Read More

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 2, 2015

Known as the Meade Moon, Honey Moon, Strawberry Moon If you want to understand the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity I encourage you to read the book Fifth Business by the brilliant Canadian writer, Robertson Davies – one of my all-time favorite books. The term “Fifth Business” is an old theatrical expression that refers to those “seemingly” minor characters in a play which … Read More

Taurus New Moon – May 17-18, 2015

Let all thy joy be as the month of May — Francis Quarles April’s promise is fulfilled in May! The air is scented with the fragrance of new grass, spring rain and fresh flowers; peonies, lilies and the heady perfume of lilacs and hyacinth. Everywhere you look is a painting to rival Matisse or Renoir; flowering pear trees with their … Read More

Astrology Café – Spring 2015

The brooks are unlocked at last. That rush of water, foaming over the rocks, dark browns, alive, bursting with small waterfalls over boulders, that is what says “spring.” -May Sarton First there are the baby crocuses, fragile yet brave, pushing through the moist earth. Then the forsythia and daffodils appear as if overnight; a frenzy of golden, buttery yellow followed … Read More

Aries New Moon – April 18, 2015

I don’t consider myself a very brave person but every once and a while I surprise myself. For instance: going to Europe at nineteen with a one way ticket and very little money and making a life there. Or jumping into the main area in San Sabastian, Spain to fight a bull. (I love animals and wouldn’t do this today … Read More

Libra Full Moon Eclipse – April 4, 2015

Easter Moon, Blood Moon, Pink Moon April, the angel of the months. –Vita Sackville-West The Sun is in independent Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and like the baby crocuses pushing through the hard earth, this ambitious sign represents self-assertion, courage and creativity. The Moon is in diplomatic Libra, the sign of the artist and the lover; its aim … Read More