Astrologer, Virginia Bell hiking in Pt. Reyes, CA

Astrologer, Virginia Bell hiking in Pt. Reyes, CA. Photo: Irene Young

During my twenties I lived in Europe where I worked in films, first as an actress and later as a production assistant. When I returned to the States in the late sixties I continued to work in films as a story editor and screenwriter. At my Saturn Return (28-29) I had a strong urge to create something on my own (as opposed to working for others).

Typical of Saturn (planet of reality and hard work) it was time to get serious and take on more responsibility. I had always been passionate about health and food (hey, I’m a double Taurus, the sign of warm scones and crème fraiche) so in 1974 I opened one of the first natural food restaurants in New York City, Whole Wheat ‘N Wild Berrys.

In the late Eighties I owned a second restaurant in the Berkshires. It was during this period that a friend lent me a book by Steven Forrest entitled The Inner Sky. At the time Pluto (the planet of death and rebirth) was opposing my Sun and Moon and my life was falling apart or coming together, depending how you look at it. There were major endings as well as powerful new beginnings; astrology helped me understand these changes and gave me a way to navigate them. I closed the restaurant in the Berkshires and a few years later sold the one in NYC.

Since then I have been a full time writer and astrologer. I am the co-author of The Manhattan Health Pages and have written and lectured on health and wellness. I have created sun sign columns for several magazines. I have written an astrology column for US WEEKLY MAGAZINE and “Star Scoop” for The Daily, a fashion magazine that comes out during the designer collections, and The Daily Mini, a new fashion magazine. I have also written for TV GUIDE. I lecture on astrology to corporations in and around New York,
including Viacom, MTV, Comedy Central, and Bovis Construction.
I also lecture occasionally in the San Francisco Bay Area.