The Pisces New Moon – February 28-March 1, 2014

“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” –Scout song.

The Sun and Moon are in the dreamy Pisces, the sign that governs the invisible and unseen realms. Ruled by Neptune, god of the ocean, Pisces is fluid, open, porous, deeply intuitive and highly creative. For Pisces the inner world of the imagination and dreams is often more real than the external world of material things. Spiritual Neptune and healing Chiron join the Sun and Moon amplifying Pisces’ boundless energy. This inspirational New Moon is like entering a cathedral, a great forest or the depths of the ocean. Boundaries disappear, consciousness expands, and new visions take root. “For me the only realist is the visionary because he bears witness to his own reality.” –Federico Fellini

There is an undertow to this New Moon; it comes from four planets changing directions all around the same time. Whenever a planet changes direction the energy of that planet is magnified. Mental Mercury turns direct on February 28 (at 18 Aquarius) but caution is recommended while Mercury gets up to speed. Mars turns retrograde on March 1 (at 27 Libra) through May 19 but will remain in Libra until July 25. This is a long seminar on how we use our energy, express our anger and deal with conflict. Relationships will be tested but it’s also an opportunity to resolve differences and create new strategies. Saturn turns retrograde on March 2 (at 23 Scorpio) through July 20. Tough-love Saturn asks us to look at how we deal with responsibility, power, intimacy, and joint resources. Giant Jupiter turns direct on March 6 at 10 Cancer. Plans can finally begin to move forward.

Pisces invites us to slow down and go inward; it is more about being than doing. Meditation, music, being in nature or near water and having time to process will support this inner journey. What do you want to release or let go of? Allow it to dissolve in the healing waters and of this compassionate sign. Then use the energy of this New Moon to dream a new dream. A brilliant trine between the Pisces New Moon and generous Jupiter (in Cancer) gives us the faith and confidence to manifest those dreams. “I dwell in possibility.” –Emily Dickinson